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Off Site Shredding in Chicago, IL

Chicago Off Site Shredding Services

Off site shredding is different from on site shredding—instead of shredding your materials at your Chicago location, trained security drivers load your files into a locked truck, protecting them until they are delivered to a secure shredding plant near Chicago and shredding them that same day. Your shredded documents are co-mingled with other projects, scrambling the pieces thoroughly so that they can't be pieced back together. Then, they are sent directly to a paper mill where the material is turned into pulp to make new paper.

This service is favored because it is often cheaper than on site shredding and considerably less time-consuming. Off site shredding is a better option for high-volume shredding projects because of the enhanced shredding capacity of a facility shredder. Off site shredding is compliant with every current federal and Illinois privacy law, including HIPAA and FACTA.

At the plant, only authorized personnel come into contact with your documents. The material is fed directly into an industrial shredder, which is capable of processing over 20,000 pounds an hour. A Certificate of Destruction is then provided to you with the certified weight that verifies that the papers were shredded.

Here's How Chicago Off Site Shredding Works

  1. Documents that need to be destroyed are collected by trained security personnel.
  2. The bins are safely transported to the shredding plant.
  3. The paper is shredded, compacted, and recycled into new paper.
  4. A Certificate of Destruction is provided.

Off Site Shredding Process:

off site shredding services

Document Collection: Trained professionals from one of our trusted partner companies arrive at your location and collect your documents. These documents are placed into locked bins or secure containers to maintain confidentiality and security during transport.

Transportation: The collected documents are then transported to a designated facility using secure vehicles. These vehicles are equipped with features to ensure the safe and confidential transportation of your materials.

Shredding: Upon arrival at the shredding facility, the documents are unloaded and prepared for shredding. Industrial-grade shredding equipment is used to securely shred the documents into small, unreadable pieces. This process yields complete destruction of the materials, rendering them irrecoverable.

Certification: After the shredding process is complete, the shredding company issues you a certificate of destruction. This certificate serves as proof that your materials have been securely and properly destroyed in compliance with privacy regulations.

Recycling: Once shredded, the materials are collected and sent for recycling. Shredding companies often partner with recycling facilities to ensure that shredded paper is recycled responsibly, promoting environmental sustainability and reducing waste.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of documents can be shredded off-site? Our partners can securely shred a wide range of documents. This includes paper files, records, reports, invoices, and any other sensitive paperwork that you need to dispose of securely.

Do you provide certificates of destruction for off-site shredding? Yes, upon completion of the off site shredding process, our partners issue certificates of destruction. This serves as proof that your materials have been securely and properly destroyed at our facility.

How does off-site paper shredding work? We match you with a secure local service provider. A certified member of their team will arrive at your location to collect your documents in locked bins or secure containers. These containers are then transported to a trusted facility where the materials are shredded securely and efficiently and then recycled.

Let Chicago Document Shredding Take Care of Your Off Site Shredding Needs

Off site shredding is the most cost- and time-efficient option available. If you know you'll be needing regular shredding or have a large shredding project, consider enlisting in an off site shredding service. Chicago Document Shredding can help you find a secure off site shredding process, so don't delay!

For cheap, fast, reliable off site shredding, contact Chicago Document Shredding! Just fill out the form to the right to request a free, no hassle quote, or give us a call at (847) 978-4918.